Why isn't HTM mainstream yet


Youtube comments are pretty bad anyway, so the people in the video made a game out of guessing which ones were real. The longer ones were obvious, but the shorter comments actually were almost indistinguishable at times.

Yeah, I definitely would help the community more if I had time. I’m working at a startup (we’re just entering the prototyping phase right now, so things are starting to get busy), and I’ve got a compiler for a really ambitious programming language I’m working on. I’ll need to write some code to test the compiler though, so I might end up making some HTM implementations with it.


I have been studying HTM theory and it’s implementation. It’s very hard to understand because there are lot of papers and videos but most of those are explaining some part of over all flow. Encoder, Spacial pooling, Temporal pooling, Classifier, etc…

For example, there are many materials for temporal pooling explaining in different way and for different versions. What I have done is to read pseud code in the source code.

I think it’s very important to provide concise written and visual materials for beginners.



It might be out of place here, but I wonder how you did that in the end. Have you published it somewhere?


I’ve been following Numenta for years now, I’d sometimes jump into the IRC channel to chat a long time ago. The learning material back then was very limited, but it has gotten significantly better.

The reason my interest in this project fluctuates is because I’m never really sure if I am researching the latest version of the theory. Or which code bases are updated to reflect the latest theory. I recall jumping into the IRC a couple years ago asking questions about some code on github, and someone replied “Don’t reference that, the theory changed and it hasn’t been updated yet”.

It seems to me that in order to be aware of the current state of the theory, and whats changed you need to be constantly monitoring the site and mailing lists.

I’d rather see some kind of versioned/source controlled spec of how the neocortex functions(Or at least the current consensus). A timeline of changes to the theory and then have it referenced in the code samples somewhere. Just some kind of confirmation that what I am working with is an implementation of latest research/theories.

All I am getting at is that no one wants to work off old research. Maybe just a new time stamped white paper every month or two so I know it hasn’t gone stale.

Anyway, that’s kind of how I’ve felt about Numenta/Nupic over the years.


Out latest and best resources are at https://numenta.com/papers-videos-and-more/ & https://numenta.com/biological-and-machine-intelligence/


The minicolumn organization within HTM networks are specifically designed for high-order, non-Markovian sequence memory.