Ancient Aliens guy photoshop help

I have this plan for the next HTM School on Grid Cells that involves using this graphic:

Can anyone help me photoshop out the man in the image and fill in the background somehow? My photoshop skillz are a bit underdeveloped, and I imagine there is some talented person in our community who might do this in a few minutes?

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You can do it yourself in a few minutes: [].

I don’t want to remove the background, I want to remove the man and fill in the background.

Saved as ‘transparent png’. You can copy the cutout png over any background (photo) you like. Probably any picture editor will do.

Getting consistent scene lightning is a whole different matter…

(Edit: saw some imperfections in the big one)

He’s actually after the opposite (background, not the guy). Procedure is something like this:

I’ll give it a shot, though this is a lot of space to fill so can’t promise anything…

BTW, @CPegels you can get a lot cleaner cut of the man with a little bit of care. I posted a video about this some time back for my mother-in-law who runs a sweets shop and doesn’t have any graphics skills:
In particular, from:

Out of curiosity - instead of messing with that image can you look elsewhere to get what you are looking for?
I like to play with google image search to find an image that meets some sort of requirements.
Describe a scene and see what it comes up with.
I love good AI inspired tech when it works.…0…1c.1.64.psy-ab…0.0.0…0.qV8rnavvxMo


Here is an ok attempt


My guess is he is planning to some special effects involving dubbing himself into this background to talk about hexagons…

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WOW! I don’t think anyone could ask for better than that. It looks great!

Now i’m curious to see the end result!

Thanks Paul I can use that.


The reading skills are a little rusty. I could have never pulled this off, didn’t even know this was possible at all, great work!

Now you can copy the guy back in if you feel the need.

No human could have done that - more proof of ancient alien technology!




I’m glad you folks get me.

Checkmate flat alien deniers.

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Hi Matt, I’m sure you have heard of Deepfakes. In case, you like to take a video and lay your face over the person in the video.

Even the New York Times has an article of how you do it:

Will HTM let NN take up the whole “fame” in this area? Cough… :wink:

These memes are too dank for this reality. Looking forward to what devious concoctions you’re planning with this Matt.



Hey - now if only you still had the long hair from the Humanity talk …

A little hair gel, a bit of fluffing it up …

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