Apache Flink and Flink-HTM - June 27, 2016, San Jose CA


I’ll be presenting the Flink-HTM integration library at an upcoming Apache Flink event. Sorry for the late notice. I could use a wingman to field HTM questions at the end - thanks.



Very Exciting! I’m currently in Chicago, or else I would definitely attend. I’m definitely cheering for you though!


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Gentle reminder about tonight, hope to have an HTM expert on-hand for tough questions. Thanks!

I’m sorry I could not be there, @EronWright! I hope it went well?

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I hope things went well, too? Drop us a note when you get a chance to let us know?

The event went well, with a few folks asking how to get started with HTM. I pointed them to numenta.org, this forum, and the office hours if they’d like to be interactive.

Unfortunately a recording is not available, but here are the slides:

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