David Eagleman at Numenta

Awhile back, @mrcslws suggested that we have a weekly viewing of David Eagleman’s The Brain PBS series. So over the course of several weeks, we watched them over lunch. Very interesting series! I highly recommend it. David is an engaging host. His work has been brought up here before.

Coincidentally, @alavin noticed Mr. Eagleman in line at a local coffee shop near the Numenta office! He’s recently moved to Silicon Valley to work on some startup ideas, and he was willing to come to the office and chat with us. Today, David spend a few hours here chatting and going over some of his current work and future plans.

We really enjoyed this visit, and hopefully we’ll see him again. Here is a picture of Jeff and David. Enjoy!



Thanks for sharing that! I watched the clips associated with the first to episodes (each episode is a compilation of 5 or so small 2-4 min. clips), and found it to be amazing. I can’t wait to watch the rest of them. I found the first clip involving the perception of colored squares to be quite revealing. I actually stopped the film, and could not make my brain see the square’s actual color - trippy!

I also found the notion that a person’s development after the age of 2, involves removing connections to concentrate on the more specific; rather than a person’s development arising from a yearly accumulation of increased connections.

Anyway, thanks!