Numenta in the NYT

I imagine it feels good to get an article in the New York Times. Congrats!

Jeff Hawkins Is Finally Ready to Explain His Brain Research


I don’t understand this closing remark:

Mr. Hawkins will have to open his work to rigorous scrutiny and find a way to interact with researchers who most likely have never looked at the brain the way he does.

As if this work has been kept hidded from the world. As if JH resisted being peer-reviewed.

The article also states that Mr Hawkins is speaking at a conference in The Netherlands. Does anyone know where this event is held? (I live in Belgium).

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Its called building a narrative, a story were some anti social recluse enters the mainstream and shakes up the excepted status quo is a popular one that is easily understood. I suspect the writer is just trying to fit real events into a box that it does not fit to make the story more interesting from a character perspective.

Decades of hard work, research and gradual progress does not make a good story.


conference in The Netherlands.

I think they are referring to the Human Brain Project Summit.


It’s today and it’s free? Too bad, I could have gone if I had known earlier. Well never mind.
Good luck to Jeff Hawkins for his presentation. I look forward to the YouTube video.

(and if by some chance you want a tour of Brussels, I’m your guide).


I sometimes used to wonder why Numenta people always use coffee cup example to explain location stuff. Now, it is all clear.

Mr. Hawkins said a moment of clarity came about two and a half years ago, while he was sitting in his office, staring at a coffee cup.
He touched the cup and dragged his finger across the rim. Then he leapt to his feet and ran through the door.

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Some people find eureka in a bath tub. Others in a coffee cup.
I guess it’s all a matter of… location.

; -)


I tried to defend our honor… (see my response to the article here…](Permalink:



… and now I want one of those. Badly. : -D
Can we order one somewhere? Or is it an employee-only perk?

What - no company store?

We want the cup!

This is the best I can do.


Scanning with my optical location sensors reveal that the object is NOT the requested cup, nor does it contain an image of a cup with the Numenta logo.
My limbic system does not register this as a rewarding item.
My locomotion system receive no commands to reach out and grasp this item.
My limbic system floods my temporal and hippocampus episodic memory formation systems with negative emotional colorings.
Bitking is sad.


@Bitking, At least it’s not decaf! :stuck_out_tongue:

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