Email subjects are often totally truncated on phones

I generally can’t read the subjects of HTM Forum posts until I open each individual email. The text “[HTM Forum] [HTM Theory/Papers]” or “[HTM Forum] [Other Topics/Off Topic]” is really long, so the subject of the thread tends to be truncated.

Here’s an example screenshot from my phone’s email client (Google Inbox).

There are a few ways we could improve this:

  • Move these tags to the end of the subject.
  • Stop including “[HTM Forum]” in every title. Only include the second tag (e.g. “[HTM Theory/Papers]”).

Does anyone else have any opinions on this? I could do either thing. Some people use these strings to apply filters to their incoming email, so if I make changes to this subject format, you all might need to update your email filters (including me).

Is “[HTM Forum]” possibly a convenient filter that people might be using?