How to show NuPIC running live online

Hi, Matt

Thanks for your patience. I just switched my os to CentOS 7, and everything’s going smoothly! The HTM algorithm is so powerful dealing with time-series data. By the way, I’ve tried out NAB, HTM Studio and some other applications you provide, but they are all dealing with offline data file. Is there any demo or app that can do online prediction? Like I keep feeding data through some APIs, and there’s a real-time window showing anomaly score, something like that?

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These examples may not playback to you live, but they are online examples. Here is an example of a live-updated UI with HTM data being displayed in real time from a couple years ago.

While all the code for this example is open source, it is not easy to get running. But it shows you you can process literally any data stream that is saved in InfluxDB in realtime.

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