HTM Talk by community member in Minsk Belarus

Our forum friend @ibobak will be giving a talk about HTM at the Belarus Big Data User Group in Minsk on August 29th.

First of all, thanks @ibobak for putting forth the effort to do this. I know you’ve been quite busy working on some performance comparisons between python and java implementations of HTM. I hope we can continue helping you out.

Also, is anyone planning on attending this? Does anyone else have plans to present on HTM (let me know!)?

Wow, I wish I spoke the language! This seems like a very complete presentation. Thanks for putting it together and sharing it with everyone, @ibobak!

Slides here.

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I can record the same in English - not a big deal. But the question is “will it help the community?” - asking because your HTM School videos are more complete - I think.

I don’t know, I just love seeing that HTM School is helping people understand that concepts and put things together like this. It makes me very happy :smiley:

I’d vote for an English version. Where HTM School is for people who want to learn HTM from the ground up, your talk looks good for people with a data science background to get a useful overview of HTM, enough to get them curious at least. :grinning:

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