I present you the chance to beat HTM on a Rock, Paper and Scissors game

Hey guys,

I’m glad to present you my piece of work in order to contribute to make HTM more popular in the java comunity.

Its called Jankenpo HTM.

It’s avaiable on my github repository:



Numenta´s HTM.Java based Jankenpo Demo where the user plays angainst the HTM framework - matheus-fatguys/jankenpo.htm

This is a demo (Netbeans/Java 8/Swing) project to present the capabilities of the Numenta’s HTM Framework

It’s a Jankenpo(Rock, paper, scissor) game YOU versus HTM.

In this game, the you will try to beat the Numenta’s algorithm that’s based on the current state of science knowlegde about intelligence and the human neocortex.

The more you play, the more HTM you’ll know your patterns, the more it will be difficult to beat him.

Its simple interface shows you how surprised HTM is about each of your choices(The more you play the less you’ll surprise him).

There is also a log list that you can read before your nest choice in order to verify that the software is not cheating you.

When you close the dialogue, the net is persisted with your user name and the next time you open the application it’ll reload the network’s last state and show you that it’s not forgotten you.

Have fun!

In the future, I plan to build WEB interface and publish it in order to be available online.