Improve HTM

hi every one
by run the code and … I realize that HTM does not have good accuracy in prediction, is it possible to improve HTM by replace good properties of another paper (for example another kind of SDR or feature extraction or classification or …)?
in fact i really like to make a good HTM that con predict very well but i do not know how, do you have any idea?

Hi, Shiva

We are welcoming to new additions to the HTM theory and model. And there are multiple ways to improve it. Regarding to actual work/development, you can get involved with the Thousands Brain Theory, which looks like a good candidate to improve what HTM can learn. You can also work on improving the quality of the Spatial Pooler (global inhibition is okay but not biological, local inhibition is slow…). Or you can work on a high-performance HTM framework that can accelerate these kinds of research. (This is what I’m doing now, link)


thanks for your prompt answer!
it was great. Is there any article that gives me a clue؟

Which part do you want to start with?

You may start here BAMI.
This will get you grounded in the nuts and bolts of HTM technology and in the process, you may see areas that interest you.


I like to work on improving the quality of the Spatial Pooler

Thanks dear Bitking, but I read it before. In fact I search for some new idea to implement them or some new idea that show me the true way

Add habituation to the basic HTM model.
This would address some issues with a long sequence of repeating inputs.
See this paper for the use of this property in a different network model:


Thanks a lot

For some context or background when evaluating if this idea is good to think about: