Message from Numenta CEO Donna Dubinsky regarding Matt Taylor

I am too stunned to say anything meaningful at the moment. Matt has occupied an important space in my life and I can’t even imagine what it will be like without him and his good works.

I am a bit lost at the moment.
I considered Matt to be a friend and we spent many hours chatting via text and streams; music and teaching experiences, and of course, neuro-theories.
This will take some time to process.


Though I never met Matt in person, I share everybody’s sentiments.
My deepest condolences to his family and to all Numenta’s team for their loss.


Numenta has always been unique in its liberties away from the constraints of academia; from its refreshingly open platform to its indulgence in popular culture, there is always a willingness to embrace and impart change at the highest level of our social culture. Matt epitomised such determination wholeheartedly. He was always extremely welcoming and responsive at every level of this community.

I’m stunned by our loss, and unfortunately, I can’t speak extensively beyond the kindness he showed online. But observing him, one doesn’t need much imagination in assuming the kind of person he was personally- as a father, a husband, co-worker. Thank you Matt, and we are all the poorer by your absence.


So sad to hear this terrible news.

I barely knew Matt in person but I considered him as my friend on this forum and at Numenta events. His work and joyful enthusiasm was always thoughtful, helpful, playful, professional, and intelligent. We will miss him. I sure will.

I can’t believe this horrible news. I’m so sorry for his family and friends. I can’t imagine how tough that is. Actually, I can.

Matt was all about paving the way for us to be creative and open and on the leading edge. He was a performer, too. He risked thinking out loud and performed software development on the fly in public. That is hard to do, and he made it look easy, maybe even doable or at least understood by each of us. His videos were really great. He was a welcoming and humble scientist/programmer growing his community. Patiently, but always on the next step, leading the way.

My condolences to all his colleagues and friends at Numenta. This is going to be hard for everyone.

My heart goes out to all of you,

Don Sleeter


I am so sorry about Matt. I became convinced he has been a good and moral person and deserving of trust.
My strange role on the YouTube channel is focused on ethical and SM issues around the science. In this evaluation he repeatedly showed his good character and sincerity.
I am truly saddened by this loss and his family should know what an important influence he was on this topic and my own work. See you on the other side Matt.


I was thinking you could link this thread to the memorial page. It might be a kindness. Excuse my intrusion.


This is incredibly hard to process… I just came across this page…

I cannot express the impact Matt has had on my life in words. He always greeted me with encouragement and we shared a “vision” and excitement for humanity’s future. He was always kind and welcoming to those he came in contact with, and an inspiration as a person. My heart goes out to his family and everyone at Numenta. I miss you so much Buddy!


I still can not imagine what was happened with Matt! It is really a huge loss for Numenta and HTM community!


I feel really sad reading this. I never met Matt but I felt like I knew him. He brought so much joy, energy and enthusiasm to a complex subject, His videos are amazing!

All my best wishes to his family, friends and those who knew him well. Such a shock and a tragic loss to the HTM community.


That’s a great idea. Thank you @DHorse2.


This is so forward of me but relates to my past advocacy.
Later, you folks might help with archiving Matt’s work, sites or social media for the family. That’s a thing that is often valued but can also disappear on the web.
It’s a task one can delegate and might help.


I saw this news via Twitter last night. So incredibly shocking and sad. I only knew Matt through his Twitch streams and I always learned so much from him and the HTM community there. This truly is a tragic loss. My condolences to his family and all who knew him.


Matt was a good dude. I am stunned.

I have a wife and 3 young kids - I can’t imagine what Matt’s family is going through right now.

@cmaver, @jhawkins : With no hyperbole: please, please - if there’s anything I (we) can do to help - to relieve any small amount of stress/suffering - make it known - let us help.


Thank you @chuston. That’s so kind. It has been so heart-wearming for us, and for his family, to read all of the tributes and thoughts. I think that’s what we can do right now is remember him, honor him, share our stories of what a truly special person he was, and carry on the passion he had for this community.


Hi @cogmission. He was an inspiration as a person, you’re so right. Reading these tributes makes that abundantly clear. What an amazing example for us to remember and follow. I’m still trying to process this myself. I miss him.


I’m shocked - R.I.P. Matt Taylor

An incredible engineer, educator and person too! I had a really great time learning about “Hierarchical Temporal Memory” from Matt! His efforts to open-source HTM and make it very approachable was/is inspiring and surely his presence will be dearly missed by all who knew him. I much appreciate this man, and heart/thoughts go out to his family!


what?? i just saw his wife message on twitter i just came to check whether it s true or not… it s hard to heard this… why Mat? he s one of most humble person i know in this platform. always willing to help and explain things in the simple way he can… i remember when i join this forum and i couldnt make a move on my project Matt did a video to explain me in the simple way… he has always checked whether everything is alright. why why Matt Taylor? i am shocked. RIP Matt Taylor thanks for your contribution. you won t be forget.


I am very grateful to have seen Matt’s hard work and his humble, generous spirit while he lived. He was a rare and special person.

My words fail, but my sadness is profound.

Condolences to the family.


Words are so inadequate to convey my heartfelt anguish. I can’t process this. I never met Matt except online, but he was a champion and wonderful fellow traveler. For those who had the pleasure to know him, to work with him, to count him as a close friend, and most incomprehensible of all - as a family member/spouse/father, all words fail. Your grief is shared, in no small measure with a very wide circle, and I personally am grateful that I got to know him though his eager outreaching nature. I believe that he made the world and the circles of his life better, brighter, more joyful, more enthusiastic and hopeful… He certainly did mine and I will miss him.

Kindest and most heartfelt tender regard for your (our) loss,

Steven Nelson Long