Message from Numenta CEO Donna Dubinsky regarding Matt Taylor

As a new HTM learner, I’m so shock that such a excellent person passed away. I consider him as my torchbearer to HTM


I’m so sorry about this. I am really shocked about this.

He and his work and effort at Numenta was the reason why I startet with HTM.

My deep condolences to his family and Numenta.


Wow, this is extremely sad… I’ve interacted with Matt through this forum and on the old mailing list for many years. He did a lot to spread HTM knowledge. Such a great guy. I will miss him.


This is very sad news for me. It really leaves me stunned and deeply saddened, for his loss and his beautiful family. My heart felt condolences go out to them. I never met Matt in person, though I was ready to go great distances to meet him some day. We interacted numerous times over his platforms and he inspired me to follow every development at Numenta and at the HTM community for the past 8 years. He also made it possible to know the key players in the community, to a degree I feel I know many better than some co-workers. And Matt, not only inspired, he contributed and developed and communicated, with such skill and enthusiasm, that I had to wonder how he could pull so much off? For me, Matt filled a very special space in my intellectual life. The part I would look forward to on certain evenings after work. The content he created and made available perfectly matched my interest since the 1980s and was a sort of treat for myself, after completing hard days of work on more classical corporate IT projects, decade behind the mindset he promoted. I will very sincerely miss Matt. RIP and thank you for your very positive impact on our most ambitious of journeys! Hope we will be able to continue this path with your spirit. Joe Perez (writting from Germany)


I feel just like you. Its unimaginable.


How true! Every word! Thank you for sharing these thoughts. We will miss him.


I’m not too active a member of this forum but I’ve been following this awesome theory for years. I noticed recently that Numenta got an energetic boost, and Matt’s smiling face was behind it. It is amazing how much of a humanizing effect a simple, natural smile has. His heart, excitement, creativity and enthusiasm shone through in the media he helped to produce. Above all, he showed that this stuff is fun. I was shocked when I came back to check on updates on the Thousand Brain Theory today and to read that he was gone, just like that. I hope you guys can honor Matthew and his work by continuing it in the same direction. I work in open source and the commons and kudos to Matthew and everyone for adopting the open source ethos. The pandemic has taught us how precious and fragile our human life is. Each one of us is defined by the unique interactions our brains have with the environment. Scientific theories are impersonal, but they are developed by humans, who aren’t. The thousand brains that over a lifetime of environmental interactions produced the unique brain of Matthew, also creates the magic that allows our high level consciousness that allows us to feel sad that he has left. Return to the wonder of nature that produced you, Matthew, as we all will one day. In gratitude for your life.


This is beyond sad. I learned a lot about HTM from Matt’s HTM School. He delivered the otherwise difficult subject with wit and charm, and made it quite enjoyable.

I just heard of Matt’s passing from a gentleman on Quora that I was promoting the HTM School to. He told me Matt had passed. So very sad.

Will there be anyone to fill his shoes? Can anyone fill his shoes! To say that he will be sorely missed is an understatement of epic proportions.

I wish Matt’s family well though this difficult time.


I never met Matt personally, but he was really somebody to me.
I feel very sad. Live is so short. Rest in peace Matt.
Condolences to the family.


So sorry to hear this. Came here straight after finishing the last HTM School video, where Matt really inspired me to get deeper into HTM. I wish the family all the best :cry:


I am very sad to see that such a passionate to science man has gone. My deep condolences. Take care of yourself.


I don’t know what to say. I was living offline for some time and just saw this. I was excited for the new interviews and teaching material he probably made. I couldn’t believe… He was the humble and welcoming person bringing the community together. You could feel his energy and positivity on all the videos and messages he put up there. He was the person who was kind enough to send a cup thousands of kilometers away, out of the blue, just as a gesture. I still look at it on my table and cherish his kindness. Thank you Matt.

My sincere condolences to his family, to Numenta and to the community.


I don’t usually response or post on things like this but felt compelled to. I was just planning on dipping back into the Numenta youtube to catch up after not checking it out in a few months but sure that I’d find some new cool, funny, entertaining and informative videos from Matt. Don’t really have anything to add of substance but just that I always point to how he did things on the Numenta community as a example of how to do it, open, engaging clearly loved what he did and it was infectious.


My heart goes out to all those who knew Matt and loved him, on this - the anniversary of the loss of such a great spirit… Thinking of you buddy…


I am very saddened by Matt’s death. I invite the survivors to life and happiness, that’s what Matt definitely wants.

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