New science fiction book just published

I lurk and absorb on this wonderful forum, so I sense that it might be okay to announce my latest book A Martyr for Mandelbrot. The book is cognitive science fiction; I have a feeling this fascinating group contains many minds able to fully grasp what the book is about. Here is the tongue-in-cheek blurb I put on Amazon to describe the text:

A Martyr for Mandelbrot is Cognitive Philosophy in a mirrored fun-house; the book is Post-Modern Meta-Fiction at its most irreverent and it is Geriatric Science Fiction at its best. Experiences are tailored for Reader-Heroes on a Quest; therefore, only dry wood (those people ready to be almost born again) should attempt the journey through Mandelbrot. Only dry wood will burn with passion and understanding; only dry wood will be transformed by the journey.

Therefore, the message is clear: be careful what you stream into your head, Reader-Hero, and wear a parachute when you travel through portals. And please remember: Enlightened minds looking forward to The Singularity are about to be rear-ended by an insane Tesla—that is not my fault . . . If you buy the book, I am not liable.

Here is my author page:

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Thanks Doug, looks like a fun read.

I’m not familiar with this genre! Is it new? :grin:

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Can you post a passage to let us know what’s in it - perhaps something that is apropos to this forum?

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