Finally Read "The Three Body Problem"

This is specifically for @Falco and @rhyolight … [edit] oh my god - I have horrible timing, oh man. My deepest condolences. RIP Matt - my heart goes out to all his friends and loved ones. [/edit]

Last year I wrote a post with a thought experiment, (this one: Thought Experiment / Consciousness & Awareness), and both of you had told me that it reminded you of a scene in ‘The Three Body Problem’.

So, I stuck it on my list of books to read and finally got around to it about 10 days ago. I’m not finished just yet (I’m on chapter 22, ‘Red Coast V’), but I did just finish the scene you guys were talking about.

Brilliant book - thank you both for the suggestion :slight_smile:

[WARNING - SPOILER-ISH (if you haven’t read it yet … just saying)]

Can you imagine if “Newton” and (not Leibniz … gah - can’t remember the other character that helped build the computer) the other guy had built it with neurons instead of gates? It would take ages to train that thing.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop a quick “thanks for the suggestion” :slight_smile:
I’m absolutely loving it.


I still feel down about losing Matt. Hardly a day goes by without thinking about him.

The problem with gates is that if only one of those soldiers made a mistake, or came in a little late or early, the entire computer would break down. As synapses the system would be vastly more robust.

Probably still not enough to work though.

But I definitely agree about the time it would take to run such a computer.