Numenta now hiring ML Engineer / Scientist

I am excited to announce a new job opening at Numenta for a Machine Learning Engineer / Scientist. You will be working directly with a small research team in Redwood City, CA. This is a full-time, non-remote position.



Too bad that I have none of the qualifications… :’(

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If I was doing this for pay it would stop being fun. If I had to toil under direction to do the bits I think are not that interesting- yuck! It would be like work.

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Still a while till I graduate. :frowning:


But if you’re working another job anyway, wouldn’t it be better if it were closely related to your own research?
Selfishly I am biased toward whatever gets your research project published fastest :stuck_out_tongue: I’m as interested in it as I am Numenta’s work.

And getting paid to study intelligence at all? I think if you live in the US or can move, you’d be mad to not throw your hat in the ring!


Thanks for the words of encouragement.

The problem here is that my work is NOT what I would be working on. As I see it - the work at Numenta is what Jeff wants. I have communicated briefly with Jeff here on the forum and he does not seem to see any value in extending HTM with the work of Calvin. I suspect that since it is not part of his vision it would be at odds with any direction that he offers.

I could be very wrong but I think I will make more progress working in the few hours remaining between building scales at work, chores, eating and sleeping.

Life is like that.

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