Please give me research topic on HTM

Hello. I am a college student and I have read On Intelligence by Jeff Hawkins and am very impressed and would like to do research on HTM, but I am not sure of a specific research topic using HTM algorithms. Are there any research topics that are currently active in the field of HTM? Or are there any HTM research topics that would be appropriate for university research? Please give me your opinion.


You may wish to start here to see what has already been done:


I’d recommend also reading A Thousand Brains, Jeff Hawkins’ next book. On Intelligence is outdated.

In terms of research by Numenta, since HTM (temporal memory mainly) they shifted over to TBT (thousand brains theory) and I think now they’re focused on applying their ideas to machine learning.

I’m not sure what research is being done by others. TBT is more connected to the field of neuroscience than computer science, I think. It’s incomplete, but motivated by neuroscience evidence.

Maybe you could try to find a specific use case for HTM, and go from there (e.g. compare it with other things or make it work better). A good first step could be looking into ways it has been used.