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Just found this category! I’m currently developing a personal brand called Faethflex and I plan on using the HTM system to manage the entire infrastructure of product development for the brand. I’ll have complete creative control over how products are developed, which is my priority as a multimedia artist, but all the backend will be managed by AI with me as the executive decision maker. I’ve been developing Faethflex for four years and with this system, I’ll be able to work faster than I ever imagined.

I shared this with the community because I want to inspire others to do great things with this system. My brand Faethflex was created to encourage people to flex their faith in themselves. The things that I do and the content that I create under the brand are meant to promote the idea that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

Feel free to send a message my way or share your thoughts on what I’m doing! I’m very passionate about this brand and its further development, so I’m open to anyone that wants to help promote Faethflex with me. Even if you have your doubts, I want to hear them! I am determined to make this dream a reality. Thanks for your time!


I don’t feel too good about the name you’ve chosen (maybe it will grow on
me), but I love the idea. I’d like to give you a gift: it’s not actually
been prepared properly because I haven’t checked to see if these already
exist, but what I would love is a dimmable LED night light and (not or) a
set of LED bulbs of graduated luminance that fit standard night-lights;
these don’t need to be dimmable, and should not be packaged with the
dimmable type.

Are we having fun yet? Yay!

FaethFlex – Hmmmm. Growing already.

I think you might have some misconceptions about the maturity of HTM theory and especially current HTM implementations. Current HTM software implementations are not complete intelligent systems. These systems cannot yet make decisions or take action. They can predict future values of scalar data and provide indications of how anomalous the data is, and in a way we believe is similar to how brains process sensory data.

I just don’t want you to get your hopes up, because AGI is not right around the corner. There is still a massive amount of work to do before we can create something truly intelligence enough to have a conversation with. I believe that day will come, but this technology is still in the foundational stage.


I appreciate you sharing this!

I do understand that current implementations of the HTM software aren’t completely intelligent systems. What peaked my passion was not a belief that I have everything that I need in solely the HTM softwares, but instead an understanding that the HTM softwares and HTM theory are missing pieces in the vision that I have for my brand, company, and the future of the human race.

Just like you said here, I too believe that AGI is coming. In fact, I believe that I have found all of the pieces that I need to do my part for the human race in order to bring that day to fruition. It will indeed take massive amounts of work however we live in a reality where research computing exists. Massive amounts of work can be completed using the computing power of anyone who decides to join a research program. The field of research computing is not popular, it is not mainstream. The amount of computing power as a whole dedicated to research computing in this very moment is only a small percentage of all of the computing power in the world. Imagine if research computing went viral? What would we be able to accomplish in a moments time? The conversation around AI today is at an all time high, it wouldn’t be too difficult to spark up a flame. Also, I honestly, I wasn’t even aware there was a term for the system I envisioned, I appreciate you sharing this with me!

I understand what I am about to say may seem crazy, but didn’t Steve Jobs say that it’s the crazy ones that change the world?

I have invested countless hours of research, looking for a way to enable this system, before I even knew that it had a name. I believe that AGI is not right around the corner because there hasn’t been any practical need for it to be there. The connections needed to make it a reality are so fragmented that someone or something would need to intend for it to be here now.

Enter: Faethflex.

Now that I am aware there is a term for the system that I am building, I have a clear goal to work towards. Regardless of the time it takes to implement the system, the decision I’m making (in this post right now) to create this system is what will bring it to reality. Again, regardless of who is the first to make a fully functional AGI system, let this post be a declaration that my brand and company has a need for AGI, and as they say, where there’s a will there’s a way.

I actually have further thoughts and questions in regards to AGI, but I feel like this discussion needs to be global.

This feeling comes from some questions that stem from my reading of this section on the Wikipedia page for AGI:

Scientists have varying ideas of what kinds of tests a human-level intelligent machine needs to pass in order to be considered an operational example of artificial general intelligence. A few of these scientists include the late Alan Turing, Ben Goertzel, and Nils Nilsson. A few of the tests they have proposed are:

1. The Turing Test (Turing)

See Turing Test.
2. The Coffee Test (Goertzel)

A machine is given the task of going into an average American home and figuring out how to make coffee. It has to find the coffee machine, find the coffee, add water, find a mug, and brew the coffee by pushing the proper buttons.
3. The Robot College Student Test (Goertzel)

A machine is given the task of enrolling in a university, taking and passing the same classes that humans would, and obtaining a degree.
4. The Employment Test (Nilsson)

A machine is given the task of working an economically important job, and must perform as well or better than the level that humans perform at in the same job.
These are a few tests that cover a variety of qualities that a machine might need to have to be considered AGI, including the ability to reason and learn.

Why do these tests not take the reality of disability into account?

Physically, I am vision impaired; I need contacts to bring my vision to 20/20. This isn’t the only disability that I have; I was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, a learning disability that has been a topic of debate for people across all fields of study. Living with this particular disability as a child, I was able to rely on my parents to cover for mistakes that as an adult, I would have to take full responsibility for. I learned quickly that if I wanted to succeed in life, I needed to work with mentors. The only other option that I was faced with countless times was failure and a downward spiral of self pity.

The human race has had a timeless struggle with the idea of working together. We could also call this a disability. It makes sense to me now that we would build AI thinking that it will learn how to be AI all on its own. In my experience with disability, success is unobtainable without mentors and I believe this applies in all cases.

The conversation around AI has and will continue to pioneer the technological and economical singularity. This is just the beginning. I believe we will transcend time itself to bring this future to a reality, all through one connection.

@faethflex I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I must reiterate the object of the Business forum:

Discussions about business opportunities with HTM, questions about licensing and patents, etc.

I wish you the best of luck with your business endeavors, but please keep discussion focused around HTM, and how it would apply to your business ideas. After reading all your posts, I’m still clueless about what role HTM would play. It seems like you’re using “HTM” where you should be using the term “AGI”.

Once you have a concrete idea of how you will use HTM systems to build your business, then let’s talk. In the meantime, feel free to talk all you want about your business ideas in Off Topic.