Coders Group Meetup



Quite a long shot, but if anyone is from Newcastle, Australia I am going to be presenting a talk on Numenta/HTM at the Newcastle Coders Group on Wednesday night:


I’m in Adelaide so I can’t attend, but it’s encouraging to see other users in Australia!


No pressure, but if you do record it and stick it on YouTube, please post a link. Thanks!


Talk about coincidence. :slight_smile:
I will be giving a talk on HTM at the Melbourne Python Meetup on Monday tomorrow

Is this some sort of phase transition?


@Jonathan_Mackenzie that one’s just down the road from you, no excuses!

I hope so!


So I wasn’t able to record the talk, but there was a huge amount of interest in the topic (and I won’t claim it was my public speaking skills). Heaps of really good questions and discussion points.