Coincidence detectors

What is the belief of the neuroscience on the behavior of distal dendritic compartments as coincidence detectors. I had thought is was canonical knowledge but I now see their are neuroscientists who do not believe this. What is the breakdown of the community?

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A few decades ago, no one knew about dendritic spikes. Now it is pretty universally accepted that they occur. Whether dendritic spikes play a functional role is not universally accepted. The idea that dendritic spikes act as coincidence detectors has been around for a few years. However, as far as I know the HTM neuron model and the HTM networks are the only models that take advantage of dendrtic spikes. We introduced the idea that denditic spikes depolarize cells as a means of prediction and processing in networks.

I would say many neuroscientists are not even aware of the idea that dendritic spikes can act as coincidence detectors. I don’t know what percentage.


Thanks Jeff, this is exciting we are still in the wild west days for neuroscience.

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