MS Acquires Github ... There goes the neighborhood!


I dropped my LinkedIn account, for this reason. I just can’t think of anything good that can come from a culture that values commercial domination over technological innovation?

Actually I dropped my LinkedIn account because MS acquired RoboVM, a seriously innovative tech allowing the creation of Mac/IOS apps using JavaFX - it competes with MS software and so MS bought the parent company Xamarin, and promptly dismantled RoboVM.

And so my anti-MS Gihad continues! Somebody has to protest the philosophy of embrace, extend, and kill


I don’t know, man. MS has changed an awful lot from the company I hated in 2005. I know a lot of open source developers working there and loving the culture they’ve been fostering now for years. If people can change (they can), companies certainly can change.

As for the GitHub thing, not sure what to think about it yet. But MS bought Minecraft and they didn’t ruin it so far…


Well, I’ll keep my mind open, but I think I would prefer the MS integrity testbed to be some other technical entity than one with the significance of Github?


Microsoft Java Virtual Machine (MSJVM)? what the bleep have they done to my Java?
C#? what the bleep have they done to my C?
rinse, lather and repeat.

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I’m just bummed they removed me from the credits.


@Paul_Lamb Are you Paul Spooner?


No, different Paul. (I used to be listed under the “Technologies Used” section, which Microsoft removed from the credits).

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Unless it’s a very convincing facade, the Microsoft of today barely resembles the one of 10 years ago culturally. Previously they never even acknowledged open source existed, now the .NET core runs on Linux, you can spin up sql server in a docker container, and there are Microsoft training and certifications on how to administer Linux VMs in Azure.

Of course at the end of the day there is a commercial outcome, and no doubt Microsoft will want to turn a profit on Github Enterprise (unlike the previous owners). And there will be lots of cross sell to their IDE and build toolchain to erode market share of Buildkite etc. But I strongly doubt they will risk changing the way Github works for open source projects.


Also, see


@jimmyw HIGHLY suspect. The soon to be CEO, Nat, talked about how he came to work with MS:

"Two years ago I joined Microsoft when it acquired Xamarin, a developer-focused company I started with Miguel de Icaza."

…via their acquisition which was aimed at the dissolution of RoboVM!! Which they promptly disposed of following that acquisition. Pure Evil!!! That is the very innovation dispersing act I just got through speaking of - not evidence to the contrary!?!?

You can’t give credence to having changed, while simultaneously being the same competition squashing bully you’ve always been. We see what’s in front of our faces! This isn’t Republican politics where you can sit around and deny that water is wet and gravity acts on free floating entities in the atmosphere!


One hot button topic at a time please!

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LOL! I solly.


@cogmission your point is very reasonable, and I wasn’t aware of the RoboVM thing.

I’m not american, so the political analogy is probably wasted on me :grinning:

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Unfortunately for the rest of the world, american politics has the same containment potential as nuclear fallout! :slight_smile:


I like to pretend that australia is a nice safe distance from all of that.

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The open source google code website was take down after 3 or 4 years. Destroying a lot of people’s work. Google won’t destroy data that can be used to target you politically, they will destroy actual useful things you have done. I don’t know why you would expect anything different from microsoft.

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Google gave everyone ample notice. GitHub was much better. MS does not want to anger the software development community by ruining a very popular free service.


13,000 projects

Microsoft has purchased GitHub. It cost the multinational behemoth $7.5 billion in stock to acquire the free code and data hosting service that had become the “de facto home of open source software development.” More than 13,000 projects left GitHub within an hour of the news, migrating to its competitor, GitLab.

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Microsoft is the antithesis of humanity’s evolution.

They represent the zero-sum thinking that results in a kill-or-be-killed context as a guiding principle for living; rather than one of expansion, freedom, innovation and that which nurtures the highest aspirations one can envision for humanity’s development.

Being a financial behemoth carries with it an implicit responsibility to adhere, not to behavior that constantly searches for expedient loopholes between legality and morality; but to have a long range focus on that which nurtures humanity’s progress toward the exploration of its potential.

Microsoft is the poster-child, precursor and foreshadowing of our recent trend toward expedience and blatant exploitive moral cheating - of our social contract; political/social/ethnic/religious/philosophical unity; ecological and environmental responsibility; and progress toward becoming a global species.

Money is an interim organizational principle; whose significance is inversely proportional to our progress as a species. Not an end worth elevating to the status of corporate mantra. It is humanity’s handicap of temporary necessity.

There’s more to life than domination and survival… And our enduring tolerance/allowance for behavior of this nature, sickens me! Every second of its continuing existence, is an insult to humanity.

We’re so much better than this…

(Our recent political climate is also a source of the intensity behind this venting, obviously - but MS and recent events are all symptoms of the same social prognosis)

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Ha Ha!!

Looks like Github is making changes already!!