NuPIC Wiki is being deprecated

Hello NuPIC,

Now that we have HTM Forum and a decent platform for API Documentation, the NuPIC Wiki has been languishing. I will be deprecating this wiki soon, but before I do that I’ll be sorting through all our wiki pages and making decisions about what to do with each page. Here are my options for each page:

  1. Move content to HTM Forum as a wiki page, where it can be curated and discussed by the community here
  2. Move content to official API Docs (either for nupic or nupic.core)
  3. Remove content because it is misleading, out-of-date, or obsolete

So you will be seeing wiki pages that look like this, deferring directly to the new home of the content, whether it is here on the forum or in API docs. These pages will eventually be removed entirely.

In the case that a page was created and maintained by the community, I may post it on this thread and ask if anyone is interested in the content before making this decision. I don’t want to move content here if it is truly not useful anymore. But I also don’t want to make anyone feel like I am removing content that they have created.

Once the wiki is deprecated, our API Documentation will be the official source of information for NuPIC. You may all continue to post wiki pages on this forum for information you think will be useful to the community about NuPIC.

I’ll keep a list of the wiki pages I’ve moved over here:

Email users of the forum will be getting a lot of notifications of “new” topics that are really just old topics being moved over from the wiki. Sorry about this, I don’t think there is anything I can do about it except try to get this done quickly!

I am done with the migration. All relevant content is either here on the forum (easily searchable), or in the official API docs.

Please, if you see any broken links to old wiki pages, send me a message or @ mention me so I can fix it.

Where did you move the wiki pages to? I mean, where is the new wiki? Are they now buried into threads?

Also, where did you move this page?

I explained this in my first post. The pages I moved here are all listed above. You can search for what you want to find, like for temporal pooling. The “Temporal-Pooling” page you mentioned didn’t have any good information on it, so I removed it (option #3). I cleaned up a lot of obsolete and incorrect wiki pages as a part of this.

I think that page consisted of a copy-pasted email. Here’s the archived email, in case you’re interested:

So if I want to create new content, I should just post a thread on discourse instead? No more public wiki?

Cool thanks for the link!

Normally, on Discourse you have a wrench icon in the actions for your own post, with an option to “Make Wiki”. I don’t see it on here, though… maybe it is configured to reserve that function for admins?

Not admins, but trusted users. If you want to make a post into a wiki and you can’t yet, just let me know.